JS Photography is proud to announce the availability of our new karaoke DJ rentals!  If you are having a party or event where you want people to have a great time, there is nothing better than a karaoke DJ.  You don’t need to be able to sing well, just be willing to try to have a blast!  Adding some live entertainment to your next event has never been easier.  The beauty of karaoke DJs is that they mix in normal tracks for the audience to enjoy and boogie instead of playing every song with only karaoke versions in mind.
Here is what we include with all of our karaoke DJ rentals:


  • Karaoke DJ 
  • Professional Sound System 
  • Singers display with a stand & microphones 
  • Our library of 47,000+ of the best karaoke songs


You will feel like you are a real rock star when you sing on our amazing system

The average cost for Karaoke DJ Rental 


$350 - 2 hours

$400 - 3 hours

$475 - 4 hours

$550 - 5-hours


Contact for info 

Bottom Line

Karaoke DJs are a vital part of modern-day entertainment and many different types of events. They add a great fun element to your karaoke parties with various advanced equipment.