Your session with JSP will be laid back, fun, and perhaps, even a bit relaxing. :) All sessions are on-location and use natural light and studio lighting, which I believe to be the most flattering is natural light. I have great local spots – perfect outdoor settings that are secluded enough to give our session a private feel. Expect to have fun! There are no rules or expectations for you. The thing is I love to capture subjects as they are - doing what makes them happy. "Sit still and smile" will never be said by me. I prefer to document real/fun/casual/intimate/privet moments and showcase what makes you special but captured in a way that uniquely and beautifully reflects your self! -- the results are beautiful, real portraits that you will treasure for many, many years.

JSP's sessions are never scheduled back-to-back - only a limited number are booked per month. Scheduling a select amount of sessions ensures that I am able to give you 110%. This is a boutique-type of experience that everyone deserves to have. bring friends with you bring as many outfits you like 


 What should I dress in?

My clients are typically dressed casually and (most importantly) comfortably - especially since our session revolves around all-things-fun Sessions are not "traditional", people aren't posed for sit-and-smile images. If you are a potential client hoping for a tradional session, where you are in their Sunday-best, I am not the photographer for you. I would be happy to refer you to other local photographers that specialize in that look.

What can I expect during a session?

You can expect to have fun! My sessions have no rules. You should be stress-free and able to relax. Please trust that I will capture the moments.

I don't see any "traditional"  images on your site. Do you have examples?

My sessions are not traditional. "Sit and smile" images are not my passion, nor that of my clients. It is important to select a photographer whose style matches your own.

I prefer to document real/fun/casual/intimate moments and showcase what makes you special. Please take a look at my Gallery for a great example of how I capture my subjects.

Do you shoot newborn sessions?

Yes, I love photographing newborns! All newborn sessions take place in your home or the hospital (Fresh 48 Session). Please contact me while you are still expecting. All newborn sessions are done within the first 2 weeks of birth.

I live in NJ/DE/Canada/Italy, etc., but I love your style, would you travel to our home for a session?

Absolutely, especially if you're in Italy! :) If you are in the area but not within my included travel range, my travel fee would be required. If your location requires me to book a hotel room. So call up your friends and family members!

I would love a home session but my house isn't very glamourous.

The focus of my images is not the background - more often than not, it's quite blurry. Capturing you in your element is the most important thing. All I require is good natural light.

Do you book commercial photography work?

Absolutely! Please email me for details.