JammText lets people at your party share pictures and messages on screens at your venue. Guests can use text messaging or social media to send their well wishes to a bride and groom or share pictures with friends. Share nostalgic pictures of the birthday girl. Send congrats to the college graduate. Wish your daughter a happy sweet 16. Compatible with photo booths. Export all pics at the end of the event and save the memories. Join the fun. Great for weddings, birthdays, proms, homecomings, and any other party!



Unleash the power of texting

JammText integrates social media engagement with SMS/MMS texting in one seamless experience. 






Texting is still bigger than social media. Use JammText so you do not miss out on either.


Sometimes among all the social media noise, from celebrity Twitter wars to 1,000 comment threads on Facebook, it is easy to forget that the number one form of communication among the biggest demographic in dance music culture – teens and young adults – is SMS/MMS text messaging. In fact, a Pew research study from last year found that for 13-17-year-olds, texting engagement was more than double any other form of interaction, with 55% percent of respondents engaging in daily texting among friends.


Not only is text messaging a far more personal form of communication, but given the tremendous volume of social media posts, and the speed at which people’s social media feeds cycle through posts, text messaging is the most likely form of messaging to cut through the noise for fans and potential fans.